Alexandra Swann
Publisher: Cygnet Press, a division of Frontier 2000 Media Group
Pages: 168

"One month before my fifth birthday, my mother began teaching me to read and write, and school at home became a wonderful thing."The engaging story of Swann's experiences growing up as a Southern Baptist homeschooled child from New Mexico earning her education at a highly accelerated pace. At the age of fifteen she became the youngest student ever to graduate from Brigham Young University in its 111 year history. Her nine brothers and sisters have also been homeschooled and have completed their educations at a similar pace. Swann recounts her family's experiences with warmth, humor and affection in this poignant narrative which draws the family into the Swann household and allows them to meet Alexandra, her brothers and sisters, and her parents, John and Joyce Swann."No Regrets" is much more than a synopsis of the Swanns' educational achievements, however; it is a story of love ...
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