Monica Sarli, Denise Domning
Publisher: No Regrets the Book, LLC
Pages: 233

Get ready for a thrilling ride that takes you from the depths of Heroin addiction to the pinnacle of high society only to end up six feet under.Five out of Five Stars"This memoir packs a wallop. Without apology, Men-ipulation is the naked confession of a life gone wrong but a love gone right." --- Eve Paludan, author of three editions of The Romance Writer's Pink Pages, Letters from David, and Taking Back Tara."..[T]his was one of the best books I have read about addiction! She tells it like it is and you feel like you are right there in the room with Monica Sarli. I could not put my Kindle down!" ---S. Ann, a reader"I recommend [Men-ipulation] to anyone who has ever suffered from addiction or had their lives and families torn apart by someone else who did. Even those who haven't will find their heart touched by this compelling story. It will engage you from start to finish. ---Connie Fl ...
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