Jamie Magee
ASIN: B00637B2UQ
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 405

This isn’t the love story you know...A powerful thought-provoking story that reaches across realms of life and death, love found and lost, and the classic battle of the darkness invading us all. “A richly original telling of the meeting of two souls.” Cursed with the ability to sense others emotions, Willow Haywood has found a tested balance of ’normal’ in her small town. Vivid dreams, good and bad, have plagued the eighteen years of her life. She never imagined she was dreaming the foundation and conflict her fate was bound to entwine around her. Suddenly her world was shattered when an ominous figure in her dreams leaves behind an omen that follows her into her waking hours. As Willow learns the beautifully dark secrets of her life she has no choice but to flee to unknown dimensions. It is here she finds the beings she has loved and feared each night of her life. With them ...
Amazon Rating:
4.5 stars from 567 ratings
BookLending.com Rating:
4 stars from 8 ratings