Stephanie Bond
Publisher: NeedtoRead Books
Pages: 143

Be careful what you wish for… Ladden Sanderson is an antiques dealer in Sacramento, California with the ill fortune to have fallen in love with Jasmine Crowne, the governor’s girlfriend. But the most he has to offer the lovely interior designer is an antique rug for her latest job: redecorating her boyfriend’s bedroom in the governor’s mansion. He thinks he might have found a great rug at the auction he just left. While he’s cleaning a copper lamp that came in a lot with the rug, an earthquake erupts, reducing his store to shambles. A homeless man appears with outlandish stories of being a genie and granting Ladden three wishes. Ladden sends him on his way, but bizarre things begin to happen—things that don’t exactly endear him to Jasmine, or her powerful boyfriend! The “genie” appears and disappears at the oddest times…and then there’s the rug Ladden bought that ...
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4.5 stars from 24 ratings