Nancy Pitts
Publisher: Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas
Pages: 235

Daphne Cavin's poignant story of love, loss and sacrifice was one of the most memorable I encountered in writing The Greatest Generation. Her daughter now completes the story with this very heartfelt book. - Tom BrokawThe war claimed Daphne Kelley’s young husband’s life, but it couldn’t keep Raymond – and his abiding love – from being with her when she needed him most.First told in Tom Brokaw’s landmark bestseller, The Greatest Generation, Daphne and Raymond Kelley's story provides what New York Times book reviewer Michael Lind called, “perhaps the most compelling” love story in Brokaw’s book. Taking its title from a poem newlywed Daphne sent her soldier-husband during World War II, When You Come Home tells of their young love in the heartland at the brink of war, and of the crushing uncertainty and fear as they find themselves a world apart. When her poem comes back ...
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