Kat Cotton
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 289

My life used to be so simple. Get in, outsex a pesky incubus and get out with the cash. The vampires changed that. I hate vampires.Firstly, the Demon Child woke and went on a feeding spree. He’s strong, lightning fast and as cute as a button. I fight demons by using my sexual aura, which makes hunting a child-like vamp totally wrong.Secondly, the new mayor wants the paranormal world exposed. Not only does that cut into my income, it’ll lead to open warfare.Thirdly, the only ones paying me to hunt the Demon Child are a pair of the weirdest vampires I’ve ever met. Nic is way too pretty and annoys the hell out of me. His assistant, Kisho, would be the perfect man if he wasn’t Nic’s bitch.The mayor wants me on his team, I’m under investigation by the Demon Fighter Council - working for the enemy is strictly forbidden - and, for the first time ever, I doubt my ability to get the ...
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