M. S. Parker
ASIN: B074TC34V8
Publisher: Belmonte Publishing, LLC
Pages: 254

The Glenn Jackson Saga is complete. All three books now available.I'd always led a charmed life, but I’d never truly appreciated it until the day my world collapsed. Sent away by my parents to live with my uncle in Los Angeles was the worst possible exile...or so I’d thought. But then the hand of fate decided to drag me fifty-five years back in time to the year 1962. Before I can return home I must save a woman's life...but the only way that’s possible is if I can resist temptation. Easier said than done, when temptation lurks in the shape of Hollywood’s handsome golden boy, Glenn Jackson.When nineteen-year-old Maya Cruz is inexplicably thrown back in time, all she wants is to get home. Then, she meets Hollywood bad boy, Glenn Jackson, and everything changes. Torn between finding her way back to the life she knew and the man she needs to stay away from, Maya must make her way ...
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