M. Lynn
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 252

Dangerous betrayals. Dark Prophecies. Forbidden loves. Truwa Brathair. Such is the tether holding Dreach-Sciene together. Trystan Renauld, prince of the land without magic, trusts the one man who has always been a brother to him: Davion, orphan ward of the king. Together, they will fight for their kingdom until there is nothing left. But Davion’s mysterious past holds dangers that may be the key to everything… or their ruin. The orphan was never supposed to befriend the prince or fall in love with the princess, but not even he knows his true role in the battles to come. In the south lies a power none of them are prepared for. Magic. The one thing they no longer have is all that can fend off the hordes of enemy soldiers on their border. In order to keep the chaos from destroying their way of life, Trystan sets off with his sister, Davion, and the daughter of the realm's ...
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