Lenore Wolfe
Publisher: Triquetra Press
Pages: 156

In book one of this Psychic Medium Cozy Mystery series, Willow never wanted to see ghosts, but it seems she was chosen, ready or not. Now she must embrace her gift, and soon, to save a young woman's life. But can she do so in time?Read this cozy mystery, jam packed with the beginning touches of their own mystery with two cats named Cinder and Ember. More of their own mystery is revealed with each book released.That's not all. Willow's cousin is a witch who runs a store named, Blessed Be. There's a mystery coming along here, too.Stay tuned, more on a centuries old family name and and ancient artifact to be revealed.A bonus Christmas short-story Beneath the Witch's Christmas Spell, to be released by Christmas 2018.Book Two, Beneath the Ghostly Shadows on pre-sale the end of October 2018.Book Three, Beneath the Witch's Veil, to be released January 2019.Book Four, Beneath Magic's ...
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