Randall Munson at www.CreativelySpeaking.com
Publisher: www.MooneyPress.com
Pages: 111

Powerful insights in digestible bites! You want to be creative, not just learn about creativity. Rather than spend your time – and a lot of money – studying the concepts of creativity, you can recapture your own creativity. More than 100,000 people have benefitted from Randal Munson’s insights and measurably boosted their own creativity. Condensed in this book is the author’s collection of brilliant statements that quickly convey the essential concepts that will increase your creativity. In this book you will learn:• How to boost your creativity• How to blast through barriers• How to get your creative ideas flowing• How to apply the advice of experts to your own needsNowhere else can you easily discover the techniques the most creative people in the world have used to develop breakthrough ideas.Randall Munson, president of Creatively Speaking and founder of International Creativity ...
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