Gwen Moffat
Publisher: Lume Books
Pages: 252

Culchet is an idyllic Lake District village. There are geese on its tree-shaded green, and friendly, well-behaved residents going quietly about their business.The gourmet chef at the local pub is preparing for an anniversary party, while her friend Alice is in the back garden reviewing a crime thriller.Then, without warning, that peace is shattered. Two deaths occur within a short space of time.Both are too sudden and unusual to be deemed accidents. And when five-year-old Kim Butler disappears, everyone knows what that means— there has to be a kidnapper, or something even worse, among them. A killer is living a seemingly respectable life in the village, pulling the wool over all their eyes. Panic erupts, vigilante groups are formed, and quietly, insidiously, blackmailers come out of the woodwork.And all the time, unsuspected in this pretty, sleepy village where nothing ever happens ...
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