Aprille Franks-Hunt
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 214

Fabulous New Life is an anthology of real life stories from 28 women around the United States who have overcome harrowing odds compiled by Thought Leader, Aprille Franks-Hunt. The Contributors are sharing their joy, triumphs and lessons in hopes to inspire other women to live a more extraordinary life. Love, Money, Betrayal & Forgiveness Lisa Bradley Ebony Combs Suzanne Grimaud Rond White Krsma Moss Dr. Jatun Thompson Terri Wilson Healing Broken Pieces Necie Black Luquetta McClarty Toni Ellis The Keys to Loving Thyself Christina Sanders Stephanie Davis Germany Tiffany Mayfield Erica Johnson Tia Murry Kitara Bingham Felicia Maher The Joy & Challenges of Motherhood Jennifer Fontanilla Patrice Tartt Eboni Truss Sharde Edwards Entrepreneurship: Following Your Dreams Carla Smith and Stephanie T. Price Aisha Taylor Felicia Meadows Anesha Sharp Kiana Shaw Irene Gianos
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