Philip Wik
Publisher: A Blue Kitten Book
Pages: 208

I've been sketching and scribbling now for more than forty years. I have no illusions that what you see in these pages is anything more than simple drawings. I wanted only to have fun while I try to capture a moment in time, a snapshot not as a camera would see it but as I would feel it. I wish to start this book by suggesting that if you are looking for examples of excellent art or techniques for creating excellent art, you may wish to look elsewhere. That’s not why I wrote this book. The point of this book comes down to one word: courage. I want this book to give you courage. If what you sketch or write makes you happy, then who is anyone else to deny you that happiness? For those of you who have artistic gifts that exceed mine, I’ll be the first to show respect and admiration for your creative vision and commitment to excellence. If my talent exceeds yours, that’s not important. Just ...
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