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Pages: 643

Some pursuits among men never die, no matter how many souls are hanged.Boston, the year 1726. While presiding over what is basically the last major execution of pirates in the Colonies, the Reverend Cotton Mather, of Salem Witch Trial fame, takes notice of a strange black ship out in Boston Harbor. His instincts and his experience with sea brigands distinctly tell him there is something suspicious about the vessel. Yet it isn't until a few days later that his suspicions are confirmed when he receives a note from one of its passengers requesting a meeting at a local tavern. The writer of the note says that he has information concerning the demise of Mather's eldest son, who was lost mysteriously at sea. Not about to leave any stones unturned, Mather makes good the rendezvous and meets the note's author, Old Nick. He is an ancient mariner in every sense of the word, and as Mather soon ...
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