D.S. Murphy
Publisher: Urban Epics
Pages: 261

An ancient civilization, brooding under the ocean depths.A forgotten race of witches, with dwindling supplies of magic.And I’m the spark that will consume them both.Death followed me to Ireland. First my parents’ accident, then a string of vicious murders. As I start to unravel my mother’s secret past, I’m drawn into the orbit of Sebastian, a mysterious stranger with impossible abilities, and Ethan, the arrogant hottie locals whisper plays with dark magic.When I start developing powers of my own, I don’t know who I am, or where I belong... but if I can’t figure out who is after me or the real reason my mother fled Ireland, more people are going to die. And it won’t stop until the human race is destroyed.MERMAIDS ARE REALAnd they're going to kill us all. ♆ Not everything in mythology is just a story.♆ Not every fairy-tale is harmless.♆ Magic is very, very real... but so are the monsters ...
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4.5 stars from 728 ratings
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