Daniel Norrish
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 653

A gripping thriller about losing family, fighting injury, and murder.There were three of them in the car before the accident; now there are two.Where’s Andy and why do the police and the paramedics and the firefighters ignore Annette as she begs them to disregard the thin trickles of blood running from her scalp. No one is listening as she pleads with them all to please, PLEASE, find her son. Brian is unconscious in the destroyed car, but Andy is still out there, somewhere, alone on the rough black highway. Andy must be nearby. He must be washed with the red and blue flashing emergency lights and accosted by the shriek of sirens. The smell of petrol is getting stronger, and Annette can see the panic on the other survivors’ faces.Soon there will be fire.WHERE IS ANDY?There are two separate versions of Accidental Exposure in this publication. You can choose between following Andy’s ...
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