Mark Laporta
Publisher: Chickadee Prince Books
Pages: 608

When Ixdahan, the arrogant son of a Snaldrialooran aristocrat was exiled to Earth for crimes against the Homeworld – and sentenced to the terrifying prospect of life as an Earthling teenager – he began a journey that took him to the boundaries of the settled universe and the limits of consciousness. Throughout his struggles, Ixdahan’s heart has always relied on Earth girl Lena Gabrilowicz, the only person in eight galaxies who knows what planet he's on. Finally, all three books of Ixdahan and Lena’s saga are collected in one place, from their struggle against the Vrukaari and Onkendren invasion of Earth in Books 1 and 2, to Book 3’s new and terrifying battle for control of Time itself. Will Ixdahan's counterattack against Earth’s enemies be stopped by a tentacled police force, a teenage zombie, an aural hallucination with a serious attitude problem, an assortment of extra-terrestrial ...
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