Alison Kent
Publisher: Rocks and Ink
Pages: 210

Milla Page needs a date—three dates, actually—for work. She reviews restaurants and clubs for a hot dating website but can hardly judge the up-close-and-personal potential of a place if she goes it alone. Rather than call on one of her usual suspects when her plans fall through, she dips into the glass vase of business cards left in her office building's ladies' room lounge for this very purpose.The note on the back of the card says the man it belongs to is hell on wheels... in bed, but the name on the front gives Milla pause because it belongs to Rennie Bergen, her college boyfriend's roommate, and her four-year indiscretion.Rennie never expected to see Milla again but he can't say he's unhappy to find her in the showroom of the garage where his TV show, Hell on Wheels is filmed. The two of them share a hell of a history. Infatuation, wild sex, sneaking around—followed by a painfully ...
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