CJ Rutherford, Colin Rutherford
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 232

The world, as we know it, is gone.The armies fought. The armies died, along with the rest of humanity.Now Jaz is alone in a ruined, empty land, desperately searching for someone, anyone alive.Finding a young woman,Jennifer, and a dog called Tray, the trio flee toward the North Dakota wilderness, away from the deathtraps the cities have become.They soon realises the attack was just the beginning, and the stakes have become higher than they ever imagined.It’s not just the world at risk, but the balance between Heaven and Hell itself!Treaters is a post-apocalyptic horror with a romance sub-story. If you enjoy end-of-the-world fiction without zombies or pandemics, read it now!
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4.5 stars from 84 ratings
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