Chencia C. Higgins
Publisher: EKOL Media
Pages: 282

"This book was perfect." - Reviewer"Loved that it wasn’t a “typical” storyline and had elements of relationships that many romance stories don’t often show." - Reviewer"I went in blind reading this and it caught me by surprise. I was sucked in from the start!" - Reviewer"What if we could buy a vow to right our wrongs?For Nedra Phillips, the strain of portraying a strong Black woman to outsiders is finally taking its toll on her. Her marriage to her college sweetheart has begun to fizzle out, with conversations dwindling down to nothing and intimacy becoming sporadic at best. Unwilling to endure the stigma of being a 30-something divorcee, she does everything in her power to hold onto her marriage, but Chris isn't just on a different page, he's in a whole other book entirely. Despite their disconnect, her vows meant something to her and marriage is supposed to be forever. When all seems ...
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