Peter Hollins
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 231

Instantly have flashes of genius, solve mysteries, read people’s minds, and size up situations. Well, sort of...Sherlock Holmes, famous detective of 221 Baker Street, is one of literature’s most beloved figures. Why? Because he is able to unravel a complex story from simple observation, perception, creative thinking, and problem-solving. No book can make you Sherlock. But this book can teach you his most practical tactics and introduce you to the building blocks of what it takes to be a famous detective. Sharpen your judgment and instincts for better decisions. Think Like Sherlock is as close as you’ll get to thinking like a sleuth. There are references and case studies sprinkled throughout to illustrate just how you can improve your thinking habits to not only solve the mysteries in your life, but approach life with analysis, care, and creativity.You’ll find a plethora of techniques ...
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