Deany Ray
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 696

Previously published as The Charlie Cooper Mysteries: Volumes 1&2 by Deany Ray.Over 200,000 Charlie Cooper books are now in the hands of mystery readers!Fans of Stephanie Plum will get hooked on this quirky cast of characters and their mishaps.JAMMED, PICKLED and DICED are fast-paced, stress-free humorous mysteries with a touch of romance and compelling twists and turns. A light read with no gore or foul language, these books are perfect to unwind at the end of the day.JAMMED:At age twenty-nine, Charlie Cooper’s life is not exactly a hit. Working as a precinct secretary at the Boston Police answering phones, making appointments and writing up crime reports means she might not be on the fast track to her ultimate dream job.And her living situation? She is the proud inhabitant of the most minuscule “master suite” she can afford to pay, where she can brush her teeth, get her clothes out of ...
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