Manoj Chenthamarakshan
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 40

Use these powerful self-intriguing questions to reveal your hidden potentials Do you know that questioning yourself is one of the powerful ways to unlock some hidden things about yourself that you never knew? By asking the right questions, you will unravel interesting versions of yourself. In this book, I have specially crafted coaching questions used by life coaches to unveil the answers from you.I would recommend you to use a partner to question each other to get better results. It is all fine to go it alone, but you will make far more progress if you involve another person in the process. This is because we tend to answer in depth when someone else asks the question. We tend to think deeply so that the answers we provide are concise and complete. You may think that you are bringing clarity to the other person but the truth is you are bringing clarity to yourself.Here is a preview of ...
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