Keira Blackwood, Eva Knight
ASIN: B07L3987X6
Publisher: Paramour Press
Pages: 114

In the wake of a tragedy, I find my fate.One glimpse of her, and I know without question.She has a gaze as blue as the sky and determination beyond reason. Her family's ranch teeters on the brink of failure, yet she fights to save what she holds dear, even if she has to do it alone.Fate is fearless and caring. And she sees me--not just the man, not just the wolf. She sees what lies beneath, and she doesn't run.She's meant to be mine.Fate is Harper, the girl next door.Quick Bites--stand alone stories you can devour in a flash. Expect short, steamy shifter romance, edge-of-your-seat action, scorching love scenes, and a happily ever after.
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