Rose Pearson
Publisher: Landon Hill Media
Pages: 568

The Smithfield Market teemed with livestock and people during the 1800s. It was a rough neighborhood, but people have to live somewhere! The four stories in this boxset take place in the Smithfield Market neighborhood. These stories are rags to riches stories of orphans and their journey to a better life, filled with love and happiness. They require the suspension of disbelief, as the class divisions were rarely violated in those times. They are fun stories that tell the tale of orphans and daydreams come to life! A Rogue’s FlowerElsbeth Blakely, was just another young orphan at the Smithfield House for Girls, cooped up inside the great house with no freedom of her own.Life suddenly takes a turn for the worse when Elsbeth meets Viscount Andrew Radford. A notorious carousing rogue, Lord Radford sets his sights on Elsbeth to be his latest object of affection, expecting that she will ...
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