Joanne Wadsworth
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 195

The Duke Who Stole My Heart is the sweet/tame version of The Duke’s Bride.My dearest brother,Harry, if you receive this letter it will be because I’ve eloped with an honorable American shipping merchant and will soon be sailing far from England to his home in the Americas. This decision doesn’t come easily. I’ve tried my best to convince your dear friend, the Duke of Ashten, to live again and remove himself from his own self-imposed exile, but in doing so I have instead been reminded of the day he first stole my heart. Eight years old, I was at the time, six years younger than the two of you. I adored chasing you both down to the river, climbing trees, and watching you fish. That was when I first fell in love with Ashten, but unfortunately that love is not reciprocated, even though I wish it were.Our dear sister posts this letter to you on my behalf as my valise is now packed and I’m ...
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