Julia Wolf
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 290

It all started with a concert I never wanted to attend…Nick Fletcher is the kind of arrogant, beautiful, bad boy who draws me in like a moth to a flame. He’s also a world-famous rock star who should be untouchable to a struggling college student like me.One impulsive decision from me, a vicious response from Nick, and we’re thrust into each other’s worlds, whether we like it or not. And he really doesn’t like it.To him, I’m an intruder working on his summer tour. One with a sassy mouth I can’t keep shut, especially when he leans in hard to the whole sexy, grumpy rocker thing.There’s something undeniable simmering between us, and it’s not hate. But beneath Nick’s arrogance is a broken man and my days of fixing men are behind me. No matter what, I’m walking away when this tour is over.Even if the heat we ignite burns hotter than the summer sun.
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