Krista Wagner
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 140

A cynical teenager. A magical forest. A chance to find hope.When a bitter teenaged boy discovers an impenetrable magic portal, he must get help from the girl he once bullied.Abused by his father and mistreated by his teachers, teenager Shane is growing more resentful about his life. But Shane's cynical worldview is challenged when he stumbles upon a hidden portal. On the other side, he finds a forest that transcends time, the very same forest he used to bully his fifth-grade classmate, Amanda, for believing it was real.Transported back into his own childhood, Shane discovers a talking pebble that is willing to guide him. However, the forest is reluctant to give up its secrets, and Shane finds he must turn to Amanda for help. The forest offers Shane his only chance to escape from his miserable life, if only he can overcome the pang of the past to embrace this new future.Continue the ...
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