John Gilbert
ASIN: B07S171P3H
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 515

All Through the Night is a work of literary fiction. It is set in the Long Island town of Harrington, during the early 1980s.Harrington was once the bright commercial hub of the county where everyone came to shop. That was until, sadly, corrupt politics and urbanization turned it into an anonymous industrial plain. With this political and economic decline went also the hopes and dreams of many of its native residents who chose not to move on. The book takes place during one winter night, with whole town bunkering in for a major blizzard. Within the short time frame of a few hours the lives of the "night children", those working the graveyard shift, are played out as they await the storm. Curious counterpoint among this cast of characters is the reunion of Joey Sodiak, the school drop out and heroine addict, with "Jimbo" Adamson, the town's golden boy and now its deputy mayor. Their ...
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