Adrian Bentley
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 325

Mysterious lights in the Egyptian desert…A seemingly perfect murder…A Cold War reheated… Colin Trent is found dead, hanging by his neck, surrounded by pornography. Kinky accident? Suicide? Not according to his wife, who knows his secret. Colin was gay and closeted. The pornography is the wrong type. But murder seems impossible – there are no traces of another person, the flat is locked from the inside, and CCTV shows no one else entering or leaving. Desperate for answers and let down by the authorities, Colin’s wife seeks help from two journalists. One of these disappears immediately. The other embarks on an odyssey of corrupt spies, aspiring mercenaries, cold war warriors, undead bikers and a magician’s assistant. Concern for the Nervous Disposition of Whippets. A story of truth, belonging, and communist pensioners.
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