Liza Jonathan
Publisher: Liza Jonathan Romances; 1st edition (September 25, 2019)
Pages: 456

Stranding her family in the mountains wasn’t in Kathryn’s Christmas plans.Neither was getting towed off a mountainside cliff by Hunter Holliday, the ruggedly sexy owner of the nearby hot rod shop. Now a freak blizzard’s trapped them in Christmas Pass—a quirky, sugar-frosted town that claims it’s “where Christmas wishes come true.” It’s not the mountain resort holiday she’d planned for her young son and grieving father. But maybe being snowed in with this intriguing man is what she’s wishing for, after all…Hunter knows, Christmas Pass can’t be found on any map.Could this strange, uncharted place actually be enchanted? He’s starting to believe. Because the instant Hunter laid eyes on Kathryn, the lonely widower finds a red-hot attraction he can't ignore, and a woman who needs him again. It feels like a gift…Yet, the town can’t magic away the past’s shocking secrets, or the guilt that ...
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