Robert I. Katz
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 174

Do you love books that are filled with suspense, twisted schemes and great characters caught up in a tempest of crime, corruption and lies?Do you love a hero who pulls no punches and never gives up?Richard Kurtz was looking forward to spending a few weeks in the West Virginia mountains, covering for another surgeon. It should have been a pleasant break from his busy New York practice, giving Kurtz and his wife, Lenore, a good excuse to return home to the family farm and reconnect with his father and his father’s new family.And then Lenore stumbles on the skull of a young girl at the bottom of a creek and fifteen dead bodies are discovered in a shallow grave.Kurtz never intended to become a crime fighter. Kurtz is a surgeon. Surgeons heal people. But fate has a way of interfering and Richard Kurtz has a knack for stumbling into trouble. Kurtz is a part time police surgeon, with close ...
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