Austin Grayson
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 501

When Flo Hadley's brothers are gunned down, she takes on a mission of vengeance. The culprit is a wanted thief and murderer who attempted to raid their cattle, and the feisty Flo will not rest until she catches him. In spite of everyone's discouragement, she will join a search party looking for Silent Sid and his men, and she will partner up with a Ranger who has his own secret motives for joining the mission. Will her wit help her get revenge for her brothers' demise, or will her stubbornness be her own doom?Hank Archer has made it his life's goal to catch an evil cattle rustler-turned murderer. As a Texas Ranger, he has crossed deserts to trail him but without luck. When clues lead him to an angry woman with a personal vendetta, he will join her mission to finally bring the vicious criminal to justice. The woman has spunk, and they keep sparring and resenting each other's presence. ...
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