Jessica Lynch
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 526

The Other Waits... In the Other, the Greek gods and goddesses are trapped by magic to relive out their myths in newer, more modern incarnations. For centuries, people find their way to this fantastical world, only to follow a script from an ancient time... until the reborn Artemis changed everything.The Other Duet is a collection that features Noelle & Hunter's complete story (also available as two separate novels: Stalk the Moon and Hunt the Stars). As a bonus for this collection, I've also added a 7k word short story set shortly after Hunt the Stars, featuring Noelle's beloved cat, Dudley.This box set includes:Stalk the Moon (Mirrorside #1)When fiery Noelle falls through a mirror, she’s transported into a mystical forest — where she learns that she’s the Greek goddess Artemis. Hunter has been waiting for Artemis to return, and even though she doesn’t remember him, he’s determined to ...
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