Xen Randell
ASIN: B082344BS6
Publisher: Hudson Indie Ink
Pages: 299

As with most disasters, this one began as a potentially good idea. A breakthrough for humanity. After a science experiment gone awry which throws the world into chaos and destruction, Alex finds herself alone and on the fringe of surviving.Fanged, savage strangers called strigòns populate the Earth, entering from one of the dimensional tears; and despite their mutual animosity and hatred, Alex and her super-smart dog Einstein hop on an adventure to save both their and the strigòns' worlds.Will this group of unexpected allies save what's left of their post-apocalyptic worlds or is the damage too great to be repaired?Follow Alex and Einstein in their quest and see how far it gets you.This book contains hot, dirty sexual tension, bloody, graphic violence and bad humour. Or was it language? Nope, especially the humour. It's really bad. You've been warned.THE WAVE OF SILENCE Praise: "Well ...
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4.5 stars from 37 ratings
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