Merri Maywether
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 131

When Susan makes a wish for Santa to bring her a special present, she sets off a chain of events. Susan has helped other people find their true love. It only makes sense that her friends would try to repay the kindness. There is one little hitch to their plans. They're trying to match her with Hunter Lane. The same Hunter Lane she'd rather avoid for reasons she'd rather not disclose.Hunter is the oldest of the Lane brothers, and the only one of them who is single. When Hunter sees Susan, he knows there's something special about her. As he gets to know her, Hunter learns two things. They have a shared past, and he sees Susan in his future.When Susan finds herself in a situation that demands Hunter's help, they discover it takes more than a wish to hold on to love.Get your copy of Christmas Wishes and escape to Paradise Hills, Montana.
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