Crystal Kaswell
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 402

A million dollars for a year of marriage...Jasmine Lee is screwed. She can barely afford her rent, much less her father's medical bills. She needs cash, fast, or she's going to lose her dad.Enter Shepard Marlowe. The tech mogul needs a wife and he's willing to pay. A million dollars for a year under his beck and call. Her freedom for her father's life.It's a good deal. Even if the Shepard is a beast. Angry, guarded, overbearing... and more irresistible than Prince Charming.How is it possible she craves someone so merciless? His touch sets her on fire. His promises wind her tight. And when he issues dirty demands... her body begs her to obey.She can marry the bossy billionaire. But can she fall into his bed without falling in love with him?Dirty Husband is a standalone arranged marriage romance inspired by Beauty and the Beast. It features a demanding hero with a secret, a feisty ...
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