T.J. Payne
ASIN: B08521NLM8
Publisher: Tunnel Falls
Pages: 296

"Rollicking dark, twisted fun!"Welcome to THE VENUEWhere the super rich can get away from it all. ...and get away with anything they want.You're invited to Caleb Hunt's wedding! Sure, you haven't spoken since you two had a falling out in high school, but Caleb has gotten over that. He's a forgiving person. It was all a misunderstanding. He credits you with turning him into the man he is today. He wants to repay you and everyone else from his life with an invitation to his destination wedding. An all-expense paid trip to a luxurious resort. High up in the Alps. Secluded and private. Please RSVP. It's sure to be a killer party.The newest gleefully violent release from the writer of INTERCEPTS and IN MY FATHER'S BASEMENT.REVIEWS:"TJ Payne delivers and is an author to watch." -- The Haunted Reading Room Reviews"It's Battle Royale at a wedding. If that summary appeals to you, then you will ...
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