Mark Ayre
Publisher: AFS Publishing
Pages: 356

A stroll in the woods almost killed her. Her survival puts everyone she loves in danger…After Mercury stumbles upon an unconscious man on a mysterious symbol in the woods, her safe place almost becomes her final resting place.Lucky to survive, Mercury tracks the man she almost died trying to help, only for him to claim he was home when she believes he was attacked.Sure he is lying, Mercury sets about discovering the truth, and finds evidence of a terrifying ritual involving the symbol she saw that night. But her interference brings her survival to the attention of those who tried to kill her, and as they seek to perform the ritual again, Mercury must fight to stop them not to save her own life - but the lives of everyone she loves...If you love the novels of Dean Koontz and Stephen King, you won’t be able to put down book one in the Hide and Seek trilogy of gripping supernatural ...
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