Cynthia Cooke
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 128

All My Loving is the third book in the Kiss The Bride Series by Cynthia Cooke Always the bridesmaid, Naomi finally gets her shot at love. If she has the courage to take it.Pretending to be in a relationship with the best man seems a small price for Naomi to pay to make sure her ex-fiancee doesn’t ruin her best friend’s wedding. Sharing wedding duties with the drop-dead gorgeous best man is easy and just the distraction she needs to keep her mind off her ex. Until suddenly, this best man is all she can think about.Andrew is enjoying spending time with the lovely bridesmaid. While she barely remembers him, he never forgot the auburn-haired beauty he left behind when he was deployed several years earlier. He has almost believed they can stop pretending, except she’s still hung up on her ex. He isn’t about to risk his heart to play second fiddle in this wedding march. The sooner his buddy ...
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