Mary Martel
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 376

Ariel Kimber has settled into life with her family and coven. Everything seems to be as it should, and she finally feels like she's exactly where she needs to be in her life.Her dad is awesome and she loves getting to know him.Her guys are the best and she falls deeper in love with them by the day.Her job at Fortunes for the Unfortunate does not suck and she's more than happy to spend her days there.Her guardians have become family to her and she finally thinks she's living the good life.But, like everything else in Ariel's life, that goodness does not last.When the Council comes to call, she answers and refuses to bend to their will. They are not men who take this lightly and there will be consequences.And her dream walking has gotten out of control and takes her to someone she can't forget or leave behind.Her life quickly becomes a mess, and she's forced to do things that threaten her ...
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