veronika zyss
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 184

Ms. Zyss is a master storyteller and author. Join her characters in their journey of self-discovery; focussing on the many facets of human behaviour, ranging from feelings of guilt, helplessness, divorce, denial to ultimately finding joie de vivre. Let yourself get absorbed in her characters, follow them into their world, which she brings to life.Nine Months at the Singapore Hilton is loosely based on her year in Singapore in 2018, highlighting the tone of the island during the Trump-Kim Summit and providing an insight into how the world views American politics in today’s turbulent environment, including the important global news events of the year, as well as her monthly off-island trips. The book uncovers the political landscape of the time, as observed from opposing perspectives. Get absorbed experiencing a memorable year living abroad, in the Singapore Hilton. Follow her to the ...
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