Alex Gates
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 242

To regain his life, Joseph Hunter will have to die.Having entered the Realm of the Dead, Joseph will stop at nothing to save his daughter’s soul from all the supernatural threats at Hel’s disposal. He’s not on Earth anymore, and the stakes have peaked higher than ever. After his best friend, Xander, executed a Rogue Angel, Joseph finds it hard to trust him in the dark realm. An aloof hellhound offers to lead the feuding group through the Underworld, claiming his mysterious master could offer help against the demonic forces. But reality and nightmare blur together in Hel. To succeed, Joseph will have to place his trust in someone, or fail alone. Can he master his shadow magic, save his daughter’s soul, and defeat the most powerful threat to human existence?You’ll love this book because of the unique magic systems, sarcastic characters, and cynical twists.Get it now. 
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