Emery Jacobs
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 272

A decade of playing local bars and festivals with my band is over. Just like that. Big break? More like broke up. Broken Thunder-- maybe the name was a sign.Now I find myself at a crossroad, not ready to leave music behind. An audition for the legendary band Reckless Fury, could change everything. At least that's what I hope until I see who's calling the shots.No names. One incredible night. It's her!I had no idea she was the Princess of Rock, when she was rocking my world. All I need is a chance to prove myself. With her. With the band. She thinks she knows why I'm here, she's wrong. Everything That Glitters is a steamy, sexy, full-length Rockstar Romance with a HEAEverything That Glitters is the first novel in the Velvet Thunder series. All books in this series are interconnected standalones and can be read in any order.
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4.5 stars from 55 ratings
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