Jeff Carson
Publisher: Cross Atlantic Publishing
Pages: 330

In the brand-new pulse-pounding mystery from a #1 Amazon Bestselling author, David Wolf faces a disturbing case unearthed in the far reaches of the county. When diggers at a high altitude surface mine exhume the corpse of one of their workers, the Sluice-Byron SD is called to the scene. Upon arrival, detectives find answers are hard to come by, but one thing’s for certain—they are looking at murder. David Wolf, now acting interim sheriff, is finding this second time around running the show less desirable than the last, so when a spot opens up in the investigation he wastes no time jumping into the action. The case pulls Wolf and his team to the outlying town of Dredge, Colorado, and to an unknown satellite deputy named Piper Cain. As the case heats up, Cain manages to crack her own way into the case, and just maybe into Wolf’s life.But danger lurks beneath the surface in these far ...
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