Kathryn Meyer Griffith
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 344

Where the sixth Spookie Town Murder Mystery was more Abby’s and Frank’s stories, their mysteries to deal with, solve and remain alive through; this seventh book is old Myrtle’s story. Two mysteries, one from her far distant past of over seventy-years ago; and one for the future, a dire prediction from her grandniece, Glinda, the psychic, that will affect not only Spookie and its inhabitants, but the whole world. Mysterious bones are unearthed in the ground behind Luke’s Hardware Store, and Frank and the sheriff are determined to find out whose bones they are, and how the victim died…even though whatever happened occurred over seventy years ago. This seventh novel also revisits some of Spookie’s best loved characters and catches the readers up on what they’ve been up to recently. Then again, the town and its people are still as eccentric and quirky as ever, and the fog is always witness ...
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