Theophilus Monroe
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 179

A vampire in an asylum? Like that is going to end well...What in bloody hell were they thinking when the locked me up in the Vilokan Asylum for the Magically and Mentally Deranged? They had to be crazy. I mean, it was just a few mutilated bodies in the French Quarter. And it wasn’t like I was in control of myself.It was him… My damned brother, who possessed me, took over… Not like the quacks here would ever believe me. I mean, how exactly does a girl go about explaining that the voice inside her head made her do it without coming across as certifiably insane?It was something I contracted when I fed. That’s what gave him the chance to take over. Something demonic, infecting humans and making us vulnerable to possession. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s more going on in this asylum than I thought. Something connected to the Order of the Morning Dawn and a demonic scheme to infect ...
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