T.G. Campbell
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 115

The Bow Street Society is a fictional group of amateur detectives, operating in Victorian London. Each of its civilian members has been enlisted for their unique skill or exceptional knowledge in a particular field derived from their usual occupation. Members are assigned to cases, by the Society's clerk, Miss Trent, based upon these skills and fields of knowledge.About the book: The Case of the Gentleman’s Gambit & Other Stories is the fourth volume of shorter mysteries to feature the group. Wherein they must solve peculiar problems posed by their colourful array of clients, such as: “how did gold vanish from a moving train without four guards seeing the thief?”, “Is a ghost from Whitechapel haunting a wealthy woman?” and “Can playing cards be used to poison someone?” These are just some of the questions the Bow Street Society must answer to expose the fantastic truths behind these ...
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