Dan Alatorre
Publisher: Great Oaks Publishing
Pages: 372

A TICKING TIME BOMB WITH THEIR DAUGHTER AS THE HOSTAGEA mysterious package is delivered to Hamilton DeShear and Jaden Trinn – by a driver who then brutally commits suicide on their property.The box contains a message from Dr. Marcus Hauser, who everyone is certain is dead, stating: When the couple’s adopted young daughter was in Hauser’s custody, an explosive device was implanted in her head. It will detonate in 72 hours and kill her – unless DeShear comes to a secret location.The obvious trap will deliver DeShear to Angelus Genetics, a criminal enterprise the couple shut down, but they can’t risk their young daughter’s life.Dr. Hauser’s lost artificial intelligence program might be the key to subverting his plan – if Trinn can find it in time. The one person who can operate it is 4,000 miles away, locked up in prison, and has sworn to kill her.If you like Jean Grainger, Brianna ...
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