Deborah Wilde
Publisher: Te Da Media Inc
Pages: 342

Middle-aged. Divorced. Hormonally imbalanced. Then she got magic.Underestimate her. That’ll be fun.My best friend got tangled up with some vamps and now she’s missing. As if that wasn’t scary enough, I snapped, and in a cold dark rage, unleashed a rare and powerful shadow magic. So, I won’t be having that second date, but in all fairness, he got what he deserved. My only regret is that I may have put a target on me and my kid. I’ll fix it, that’s what moms do.Now, with only a mouthy golem and a grumpy-yet-sexy French wolf shifter to help me navigate this world of hidden magic, I’m in a race against time to rescue my friend and keep my loved ones safe from the skeletons in my past.Sure, I’m caught in a spiderweb of supernatural power plays, but I’m a librarian, I’m over forty, and I’m definitely done with being sidelined in my own life. If anyone can survive this dangerous adventure ...
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